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December 2016 Archives

State representative in middle of sexual harassment scandal

Accusations of sexual harassment can tarnish the reputation of any organization in Minneapolis, whether it be a private company or a civic group. When cases do arise, many involved may be quick to encourage a settlement in an attempt to silence the victim and make the entire matter go away. However, in some cases, having one's claims of harassment reach the public's ear may be what is necessary to both vindicate the accuser and prompt the changes needed to ensure that such actions do not occur again.

Sexual orientation at the heart of discrimination lawsuit

One may have a difficult time arguing the point that the evolution of workplace discrimination laws in Minneapolis and throughout the U.S. has happened in concert with changing societal norms. As opinions continue to change regarding certain positions, many may expect such statutes to be revised along with them. Yet in many cases, such a shift in legal precedent is not always automatic. It may first take one challenging the interpretation of a law in order to prompt to revisiting of how it should be applied in today's professional world.

How to handle pregnancy harassment

Some babies are planned and some are surprises, but for women in the workplace, all require careful strategizing to coordinate for medical appointme nts and pregnancy-related costs. Many women do not have the luxury of quitting work once they have a baby, so their jobs can become more important once the extra expense of a child is added on. When employers decide that they no longer want to employ an expectant mother, it is not only inconsiderate but can also be illegal.

Lawsuit prompts Walmart to reimburse millions in healthcare costs

One of the more recent issues that has arisen in Minneapolis in relation to discrimination has been the treatment of same-sex couples. With same-sex marriage having only become widely legalized within the last 5-10 years, many may be finding that their workplace policies do not reflect the standards of the time. Another matter to be considered in this regard is that while public agencies and organizations may be mandated to update their policies to reflect current legislation, private corporations may not be legally required to do so.