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State representative in middle of sexual harassment scandal

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2016 | Sexual Harassment |

Accusations of sexual harassment can tarnish the reputation of any organization in Minneapolis, whether it be a private company or a civic group. When cases do arise, many involved may be quick to encourage a settlement in an attempt to silence the victim and make the entire matter go away. However, in some cases, having one’s claims of harassment reach the public’s ear may be what is necessary to both vindicate the accuser and prompt the changes needed to ensure that such actions do not occur again.

The continuing saga of a sexual harassment case aimed at an Oklahoma state representative may serve to illustrate how quick some may be to subvert such a case before it can gain any traction. News broke last week that the representative was resigning his office in light of the accusations against him. A settlement was also reportedly paid to the accuser. However, the representative later rescinded his resignation, saying that the settlement offer was made without his knowledge or approval. He also states that the claims against him are false and the he intends to challenge them. As this continues to play out, the representative’s competing party is also calling for an investigation into the use of taxpayer funds to pay the settlement.

In many cases, any settlement that a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace receives may be secondary to his or her desire to see those who harassed him or her held accountable. Whether that is through continued exposure of one’s story or having his or her case heard in court is up to the individual. Having an attorney to turn to for advice may help one determine which course of action serves him or her best.

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