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For a small business, any type of dispute is disruptive and puts the future of a company at risk. Business owners need an attorney who will closely partner with them one-on-one in pursuit of the best possible outcome. While negotiation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution can save time and money, trials are sometimes needed to protect the long-term future of a business.

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Skilled And Successful Minneapolis Business Litigation Attorneys

Proactive steps in drafting business documents and shareholder agreements can prevent costly disputes and litigation. However, partners and shareholders can still find disagreement with the operational or financial direction of a company and take action if they feel that a significant financial investment is at risk.

Founding partner Pat Neaton is a skilled and successful business litigator who has helped businesses and their shareholders resolve serious disputes. He takes the time necessary to understand the specific issues that led to possible legal action. Pat conducts in-depth cost-benefit analyses to determine the risks of legal action over business or shareholder disputes.

We pursue the best possible outcome for our clients, whether that involves litigation or alternative dispute resolution. As a small business litigation lawyer, Pat Neaton does not shy away from the courtroom if a trial is in the best interests of his clients. Through verdicts and settlements, he has secured millions for his clients.

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