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Minneapolis FMLA Leave Attorneys

At the law firm of Neaton & Puklich, P.L.L.P., in Minneapolis, we provide skilled representation to employees who have been treated unfairly before or after taking leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

If you have been subjected to retaliation from your employer or they have placed other roadblocks in your way regarding your leave, our attorneys can help you pursue your rights. We combine for more than 50 years of legal experience, including extensive trial experience.

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FMLA requires employers to provide employees with job-protected unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons. Reasons include:

  • Personal or family illness
  • Military service
  • Family military leave
  • Pregnancy or adoption
  • Foster care placement

When an employer terminates employees for seeking FMLA leave, forces them to comply with unnecessary processes before they can return to work or forces them into a position not equal to their previous position, they are violating their obligations under FMLA.

We thoroughly investigate these claims, fully inform our clients of their options and pursue whatever course of action represents the best chance of obtaining a positive outcome for our client. If that is a negotiated settlement, we will negotiate aggressively. If that means going to trial our clients can benefit from our tremendous trial experience.

St. Paul Family Medical Leave Lawyers

We are selective about the FMLA cases we take, ensuring that each client receives our full attention and support. From identifying whether you have a claim to fighting for your rights in court, you can rely on us to protect your interests every step of the way. Contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation.