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Minneapolis Wrongful Termination Lawyers

At the Minneapolis law firm of Neaton & Puklich, P.L.L.P., we pursue wrongful termination claims on behalf of employees in the Twin Cities, holding employers accountable for their illegal practices. If you believe your termination may have been illegal in nature, it is in your best interest to seek the advice of our knowledgeable employment law attorneys.

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When Is Termination Wrongful?

In many situations, an employer can fire an employee with little to no recourse available for the employee as a result of his or her employment being “at-will” in nature. Wrongful termination occurs when someone is terminated for the following reasons:

These cases are often complex and require extensive investigation, so it is important to seek assistance as early as possible if you feel you have been wrongfully terminated. Our lawyers combine for decades of employment law experience and are prepared to take your case to trial or negotiate aggressively, depending on what is in your best interest.

St. Paul Wrongful Discharge Attorneys

If you believe you are the victim of a wrongful dismissal, contact our firm for a free initial consultation. Even if you were not wrongfully terminated, you may be a victim of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, tortuous interference or another actionable violation by your employer. We can help you explore your rights and obtain the outcome you deserve.