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Minneapolis Workplace Retaliation Lawyers

Employers have the right to terminate employees with or without cause as the employment relationship is considered “at-will”. However, employers are not permitted to terminate an employee in retaliation for an employee reporting instances of discrimination or harassment, reporting an injury or acting as a whistleblower.

At Neaton & Puklich P.L.L.P. in Minneapolis, we represent employees in the Twin Cities metro and surrounding areas who have been retaliated against by their employers. If you believe you have lost your job as retaliation we can help you identify the viability of your claim and pursue your rights.

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Protecting the Rights of Employees in the Workplace

Employers are often able to use their ultimate power — the power to terminate employment or institute a demotion or pay reduction — to intimidate employees from making claims or retaliate against employees who:

  • Make an FMLA claim
  • Seek workers’ compensation
  • Report sexual harassment
  • Make a discrimination claim
  • Take maternity leave or become pregnant

We are fully prepared to take every case to its rightful conclusion in our pursuit of the best possible option for our client. If a case should go to trial, we will take it to trial. If we consider it in our clients’ interest to recommend settlement, we will do so. At every stage of the process, we work with our clients to identify their interests and evaluate the costs, benefits and risks of any potential action.

St. Paul Whistleblower Retaliation Attorneys

For whistleblowing to be an effective means of preventing and uncovering wrongdoing by businesses, whistleblowers must be protected and safe from retaliation. Our lawyers protect the rights of whistleblowers, taking on employers who have retaliated against employees for disclosing their illegal conduct and practices. Retaliation can include being demoted, terminated or harassed as a result of said whistleblowing.

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