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Sexual orientation at the heart of discrimination lawsuit

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination |

One may have a difficult time arguing the point that the evolution of workplace discrimination laws in Minneapolis and throughout the U.S. has happened in concert with changing societal norms. As opinions continue to change regarding certain positions, many may expect such statutes to be revised along with them. Yet in many cases, such a shift in legal precedent is not always automatic. It may first take one challenging the interpretation of a law in order to prompt to revisiting of how it should be applied in today’s professional world.

That appears to be exactly what is happening in a case currently being argued in Georgia. The case’s complaint was filed by a former hospital security guard who claims to have been harassed and ultimately fired solely because of her being a lesbian. Her lawsuit was initially dismissed after the presiding judge ruled that the provisions of the Civil Rights Act did not apply to cases involving one’s sexual orientation. Now that the case has been escalated to the U.S. Circuit Appeals Court, the opinions of the judges hearing it are reportedly mixed. One is reported to be in support of the woman’s attorney’s claim that a prior ruling issued by the court addressing this issue be revisited. Another believes that same ruling to have already established the legal precedent. No timetable was given as to when the court plans on releasing its decision.

Taking on established legal interpretations in the name of workplace fairness may be difficult, yet ultimately necessary if one hopes to avoid being the victim of discrimination. Mounting such a challenge may be much easier should one enlist the support of an experienced attorney.

Source: “Court asked to expand discrimination protections to gays, lesbians” Rankin, Bill, Dec. 15, 2016



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