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3 warning signs of sexual harassment in your workplace

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

When you get to your place of employment each day, you simply want to complete your tasks. However, sometimes there are people at work who make this difficult. Maybe a coworker constantly flirts with you, touches you or has conversations that make you uncomfortable. What might start off as seemingly harmless flirting or banter could very well be sexual harassment.

So, how do you know if you are dealing with sexual harassment? Here are some top warning signs you are being sexually harassed.

1. Sexist remarks

If your coworker makes demeaning jokes or remarks, you are likely uncomfortable. This is especially problematic if you have made it known this type of humor or commentary is unwanted. Whether your coworker is outright insulting you for being a woman or makes subtle jabs, he or she could be creating a hostile work environment.

2. Inappropriate flirting

You might not be surprised by an occasional compliment or subtle attempt at flirting. In fact, if you are complimented in a respectable way, it might even be a pleasant experience. But sometimes, it goes too far. One way to tell if flirting has crossed over into harassment territory is if it is making you uncomfortable or angry instead of happy and confident.

3. Coercion by supervisors

You want to think your management team and boss are respectable people who are always on your side. Unfortunately, these are sometimes the very people who do the harassing. A supervisor might try to offer you a promotion in exchange for a date or sexual favor. This person might even threaten to reduce your pay or fire you if you refuse advances.

It is an unfortunate reality that sexual harassment in the workplace still occurs. Some think they can get away with toxic and disgusting behavior. If you notice any of these warning signs or others discussed in this Cosmopolitan article, be sure you make your discomfort known and talk to human resources about your situation.



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