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January 2017 Archives

Does your employer have to tell you why you were fired?

Being fired from your job in Minneapolis can be a devastating blow, particularly if you believe that your termination was not justified. Very rarely are people fired without a reason. However, oftentimes employers may be unclear as to exactly what that reason may be. If you left the meeting in which you were determined feeling that way, then you justly question what motivated your employer's actions. Given that Minnesota is an "at-will" employment state, many may believe that it is OK for a company to fire you without providing any reason at all. However, that is not the case.

What is an at-will employee?

You may share the same line of thinking as many in Minneapolis in that you cannot be fired by your employer without good cause. Yet is this true? Unless you or a family member or friend has had to deal with a firing before, then you are likely unfamiliar with the term "at-will employee." What does this mean, and could you be one without knowing it?

Do you get your same job back after taking medical leave?

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, you are entitled to up to 12 weeks per year of unpaid leave for certain family and medical situations in Minnesota if you work for an employer who is covered. According to the Department of Labor, during your unpaid medical leave, you are granted certain protections, including the continuance of your health insurance coverage. You also will have a job waiting for you when you return.

Examining the factors used to determine just compensation

Here at Neaton and Puklich, PLLP, we've worked with several property owners in Minneapolis dealing with eminent domain cases. If it is discovered that whatever public authority that is trying to secure their property is operating within the confines of the law, they inevitability then want to know if they are being compensated fairly. If you are facing the loss of your land due to a pending public project, then you also likely will want to know that you are being paid all that you are entitled to.

Are you eligible for a leave of absence?

Industrial and manufacturing employees in Minnesotaare no different than workers in other industries. They have families and lives outside of their places of employment that may occasionally require them to take time off. To better understand your rights as an employee, you should learn more about the stipulations that can affect your eligibility for a leave of absence.

Understanding hostile work environment harassment

Most in Minneapolis may only associate sexual harassment as unwelcome romantic overtures or sexual advances. Yet harassment in the workplace goes far beyond that. Any sexually suggestive conduct that contributes to one feeling uneasy at work may qualify as sexual harassment, as well. There is a name for this form of harassment: hostile work environment. The United Nations defines this as an atmosphere brought on by sexual behavior or actions directed at an employee specifically because of his or her sex that is both intimidating, offensive or hostile and impacts that particular employees performance.

Can your employer suddenly modify the nature of your employment?

Like most in Minneapolis, if asked about your working relationship with your employer, you may likely respond that it is a good one. If nothing else, you at least know that your role with your company is well-defined, right? Have you ever wondered exactly how your employer views your connection, and whether or not its views coincide with yours? Many often believe the nature of their employment to be one way, only to discover later (typically through being fired or laid off) that it was not so.