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Lawsuit claims woman was sexually harassed by her work supervisor

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2016 | Sexual Harassment |

Most in Minneapolis may think that sexual harassment cases only involve incidents where one continues to make unwanted romantic overtures towards another. However, this kind of harassment is not limited to inappropriate words and actions that express or imply an attraction, but also extend to any activity that may be degrading and embarrassing that is of a sexual nature. This can include teasing and taunting, or crude jokes or stories. Plus, while it may come as a surprise to many, alleged occurrences of sexual harassment can even be common between members of the same sex.

Such is the case detailed in a lawsuit filed against the OWN television network by a female employee. The woman filing the suit alleges that not only was she sexually harassed at work, but that she was also discriminated against during her pregnancy. Her accusation are aimed at her former supervisor (also a woman), whom she claimed would discuss and even reenact sex scenes during company meetings. Her lawsuit cites a specific incident where the supervisor humiliated her while by simulating squeezing her breasts. She also claims that while she would be breast pumping in a room designated for employees specifically for that purpose, the supervisor would make a spectacle by knocking on the door and interrupting her.

As the case above illustrates, one may easily make a case that being targeted for any sort of gender-specific issue or activity can indeed classify as sexual harassment, and that inappropriate jokes and ribbing can be just as degrading and embarrassing as unwanted sexual advances. Those who have been the victims of such behavior may want to contact an attorney to initiate civil action against their tormentors as well as any parties that may have enabled the abuse they suffered.

Source: The Wrap “Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Slapped With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit” Kenneally, Tim, Nov. 16, 2016



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