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November 2016 Archives

Your employment protections following a positive drug test

Many employers in Minneapolis may, as a way to protect themselves from the potential of liability issues, require that you and your coworkers undergo random drug testing. While that may be their right to do so, we here at Neaton and Puklich PLLP would remind you that your rights also need to be considered in such a situation, as well. While drug testing technology has advanced in recent years, there are still many factors outside of your control that can influence a test result. If, by chance, your drug test comes back positive, you may want to know what employment protections you have while challenging such a result.

5 behaviors that are considered sexual harassment in the workplace

Employees often do not fully understand the broad scope of sexual harassment in the workplace. You need to be familiar with Minnesota sexual harassment laws to know if you have a civil case. It includes hostile environment harassment, in which the unwelcome behaviors cause your work environment to become hostile, offensive or intimidating. It also encompasses quid pro qui harassment, in which engaging in unwanted sexual conduct is necessary for you to obtain or retain employment, promotions or raises. The following are five examples of sexual harassment.

Lawsuit claims woman was sexually harassed by her work supervisor

Most in Minneapolis may think that sexual harassment cases only involve incidents where one continues to make unwanted romantic overtures towards another. However, this kind of harassment is not limited to inappropriate words and actions that express or imply an attraction, but also extend to any activity that may be degrading and embarrassing that is of a sexual nature. This can include teasing and taunting, or crude jokes or stories. Plus, while it may come as a surprise to many, alleged occurrences of sexual harassment can even be common between members of the same sex.

Examining eminent domain laws in Minnesota

Many in Minneapolis may be concerned of government interference in their lives. Chief among their concerns may be that their property will be seized and that they will be left with little legal recourse to stop it. Eminent domain refers to the authority officials have to seize land to be put to public use. However, those worried that this legal principle empowers their local governments to come in and take their homes and the accompanying land from them should know that Minnesota does have laws on the books that regulate its use.

The long-lasting impact of sexual harassment

The effects of sexual harassment are far more than just an uncomfortable work situation in Minnesota. According to Live Science, sexual harassment has the capability of damaging the health of the target of the harassment. With the number of people experiencing sexual harassment at work at 45 percent of men and 70 percent of women, it has the potential of creating a significant problem.