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Sexual harassment allegations made in lawsuit against snowboarder

On Behalf of | May 13, 2016 | Sexual Harassment |

People who take a job in Minneapolis have the right to work in a place that is safe and free from harassment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that to prove sexual harassment, employees must show that they did not encourage the other person’s behavior. This behavior can include verbal or physical harassment that targets the person’s sex, direct solicitation of sexual acts or making sexual overtures. The harasser can be male or female, and it does not always involve two people of different sexes.

Recently, a female drummer claims that snowboarder Shaun White made suggestive and inappropriate comments to her in a lawsuit she has filed. The comments were made through text messages and in verbal communication but it is unknown whether the woman is planning to produce printed copies of those texts. It is also unknown exactly what those comments involved.

Additionally, the lawsuit claims that the snowboarder acted in a manner that was controlling, insisting before a show that she have her hair cut. The two formed a band called Bad Things in 2008 and at some point, White stopped paying the woman for her role in the band. She is seeking punitive damages in the sexual harassment issue and $42,000 in wages that she says she is owed.  It is unknown whether White has responded to the allegations.

The law is very clear when it comes to the rights of workers, but any type of employee claim against a current or former employer can be complicated. As such, people may find it beneficial to talk about their situation with an employment law attorney.

Source: New York Magazine, “Snowboarder Shaun White Is Being Sued for Sexual Harassment by the Drummer of His Band,” Dayne Evans, May 11, 2016



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