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Are you the victim of age discrimination in Minnesota?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2016 | Wrongful Termination |

Financial difficulties have prompted many people to push retirement back by a few years in order to add to savings and prolong the moment when they become dependent on a fixed income. If you are currently in this situation in Minnesota, finding yourself without a job before you are ready could have devastating consequences. State laws do provide some protection against age-related discrimination, though, and evaluating these can be helpful in determining whether you are the victim of wrongful termination.

According to Minnesota statute 181.81, unless you work in certain jobs, your boss cannot fire you because of your age, as long as you are under 70 years old. There are exceptions, and one of these may include you if you are among the top policy makers in the company, or you are an executive. In these cases, your employer may legally be able to require you to retire sooner. If you have held the position for the past two years, and qualify for benefits such as a profit sharing or pension plan or others that provide a cumulative total of $27,000, minimum, you may not be protected after the age of 65.

Termination is not the only form of age discrimination that is prohibited in Minnesota. If you apply for a job, the company cannot refuse to hire you because of your age. Your employer also cannot use your age as a basis for reducing your pay or demoting you. This information about statute 181.81 does not include details about federal statutes and other exceptions. It is for educational purposes and should not be considered legal advice.



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