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What is the Fair Labor Standards Act?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2015 | Employee Rights |

In unregulated work environments, it can be easy for certain groups or people to begin abusing their power. This is why it is common in some areas for jobs to be very labor-intensive without much pay, and for the people working those jobs to be confined to ridiculously long and unfair hours.

The Fair Labor Standards Act is considered by many to be a necessary piece of law that promotes fairness in the workplace by keeping employees from being overworked by their employers. Details are provided by the United States Department of Labor. FLSA essentially provided America with the backbone of what is now considered the standard for “minimum wage” and care in the country when it comes to jobs. This includes:

  •          Establishing minimum wage
  •          Providing recordkeeping
  •          Establishing overtime pay
  •          Determining a baseline for the minimum and maximum hours in a work week

These guidelines are something that applies to most businesses. It is a way for employees to put their foot down if they are being overworked unfairly. It is also a way for employers to check and make sure that they are running their company in a way that is fair to the people who are working for them. Though certain things like the minimum wage are often under discussion and can differ from state to state, having the baseline there is a large help to many.

For this reason, the Fair Labor Standards Act is considered important to the way that modern day business is run. If it weren’t for this act, it is possible that unfair business standards and practices would be rampant in the country.



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