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Actions that can be considered sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2015 | Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment at work: it’s something that no one is ever really comfortable talking about. However, it is still happening even in today’s modern workplace. If you have faced sexual harassment at your job, you may be uncertain about your rights and what you can do next.

The first thing that you should be aware of is that any type of sexual harassment is illegal. The second thing to be aware of is that sexual harassment does not just consist of groping or physically being contacted by someone else. You can file a sexual harassment complaint if you have been the target of suggestive comments, jokes or gestures. Likewise, even repeated requests for sexual favors or dates can be considered sexual harassment. Sexual favors in exchange for money or promotions can also count as harassment. Being threatened with termination if a request for sexual favors is not met also counts.

These are all things that can be considered sexual harassment in addition to physically being touched. If you have experienced any of these things in the workplace, then you have been sexually harassed and you will be able to legally take action against it. Knowing that you have been harassed is the first step toward being able to stop it.

If you would like to read more about what you can do if you have been faced with sexual harassment in the workplace, please visit the link. It will take you to our web page on sexual harassment, where you will be able to learn more about the legal options available to you, as well as how to protect yourself and your job. 



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