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Employees file suit over alleged gender discrimination

On Behalf of | May 20, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination |

From pregnancy discrimination to civil rights violations involving race or gender, workplace discrimination takes a variety of forms. Unfortunately, these incidents continue to occur far too often in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and across the country. Victims of workplace discrimination may face a number of hardships, such as a hostile work environment and retaliatory action which results in pay cuts or job loss. As a result, it is essential for people who are dealing with this to understand their rights and address the situation immediately.

In West Des Moines, Iowa, three women recently filed suit against the Chief of Police and city over claims of gender discrimination. Two of the women work for the police department and one is a former employee. A lawyer who represents the women said that they dealt with very disrespectful behavior at work and decided to file suit in order to seek justice and spur changes at the police department.

However, the city manager is hoping for an out-of-court settlement and said that he does not believe the Chief of Police holds employees accountable based on their gender. In their complaint, the alleged victims of gender discrimination claim they were denied promotions and that one woman was even fired as a result of her gender.

When someone endures discrimination at work, they may be unsure of what to do next. However, hard-working employees do not deserve to be treated unfairly and should stand up for their rights when unlawful discrimination takes place. For some people, discussing the details of their situation with an attorney and taking legal action may be a smart move.

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