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What is the Fair Labor Standards Act?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2015 | Employee Rights |

The rights of people employed in Minnesota are protected by several federal laws. These laws cover a variety of issues including prevention against workplace discrimination based upon age, gender, sexual preference, race and more. Additionally, basic provisions outlining compensation requirements and minimums are set forth by the Fair Labor Standards Act. This legislation attempts to ensure that all employees are fairly paid for their time.

The United States Department of Labor website gives an overview of the FLSA. It can be helpful for people to understand what employee rights are guaranteed under these guidelines. The FLSA applies to most business in the private and public sectors. Businesses with annual revenues under $500,000 may not always be covered by this law unless they engage in commerce between states or meet other criteria. For example, any school, facility that provides care for the ill or government entity is governed by the FLSA.

Businesses in the agriculture industry are not allowed to have any person under the age of 16 perform work during what would be considered school times. Additionally, workers under 16 are forbidden to engage in select activities deemed dangerous. For non-agricultural businesses, there are restrictions on when any person under 16 can work. Persons under 18 may only perform duties identified as safe for them.

Any employee governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act has the right to file a complaint if the laws are violated. This is just one right guaranteed to them under general employment law. This information is not intended to provide legal advice but general information about the FLSA in Minnesota.




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