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Lending a hand to victims of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2014 | Sexual Harassment |

Year after year, far too many workers experience sexual harassment while trying to perform the duties of their job. Whether they are exposed to sexually explicit materials in the workplace, are the target of unwanted sexual advances or have to deal with offensive sexual comments, this harassment is unacceptable and must be addressed right away. At the law firm of Neaton & Puklich P.L.L.P., we understand how painful sexual harassment is and remain committed to helping victims move forward. In Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota, this mistreatment continues to occur at an alarming rate and must be rooted out.

Sexual harassment takes many forms and some employees do not even recognize illegal harassment when it takes place. Some employees have been asked to perform sexual favors for various financial or career incentives, while other victims have performed these favors in order to keep their job. Other types of sexual harassment include unwanted touching, jokes and sharing of sexual material. In some cases, constant and unwelcome requests for dates and sexual activity constitutes sexual harassment. Whenever an employee experiences this harassment firsthand, it is absolutely imperative for them to address the incident immediately.

Unfortunately, a number of potential consequences sometimes prevent a victim of sexual harassment from taking action. For example, they may be worried about a demotion or other type of unlawful retaliation after speaking out. However, victims should not continue to suffer because of these concerns and need to act if they ever experience illegal retaliation.

If you would like to read more about this issue, please visit our sexual harassment page.



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