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How does discrimination manifest itself in the workplace?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination |

Every day, employees across the country are discriminated against in the workplace. Employment discrimination takes many forms and can lead to a multitude of problems that significantly impact a victim’s quality of life. In Chaska, Minnesota, and throughout the nation, employees who are mistreated in the workplace need to identify and address illegal workplace discrimination whenever it occurs.

According to a fact sheet that was published on the Department of Labor’s website, there are a number of ways that discrimination can manifest itself in the workplace. A woman may experience gender discrimination when she is paid less than a man even though her contributions are the same. Also, there are many ways that employees can be victims of racial discrimination. For example, if every employee who belongs to a certain ethnic group is assigned to work in a separate area, they may be victims of unlawful discrimination.

Additionally, pregnancy discrimination may occur when a woman is not given paid sick leave after giving birth, even though an employee who is recovering from surgery was paid for their time off. Other examples of unlawful discrimination include regularly making fun of workers because of their accent, offering or denying promotions because of an employee’s gender or ethnicity and unnecessary testing that is designed to screen out a job applicant who belongs to a certain group.

Although this information does not constitute legal advice, hopefully it has provided you with a clear outline of some of the different ways that employment discrimination can rear its ugly head in the workplace.



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