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Minnesota gym teacher considering wrongful termination case

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2014 | Wrongful Termination |

An employer may decide to fire someone for valid reasons such as coming in late to work, not doing the job well or not getting along with customers or co-workers. However, it still occurs that people in Minnesota and across the country are fired for reasons that are considered unjust or discriminatory. Workplace discrimination, up to and including wrongful termination, violates civil rights and employment laws.

Some types of wrongful termination may not appear to be a direct cause of discrimination, but can be a form of retaliation or anger although the employee did not necessarily do anything wrong. This may have been the case for a former Minnesota high school gymnastics coach. The Farmington woman had been involved in gymnastics all her life and had always dreamed of opening her own gym. She had worked as a high school coach for nine years and started a youth gymnastics program four years ago.

Recently the coach fulfilled her life’s dream and opened up her own gym. She was dismayed when the school board voted to terminate her job as the high school coach. In a letter, school officials told her that she had stolen and defaced school property and demanded to be given items that belonged to the school. She denied having done any of these things. Instead, she believed she was fired because the majority of the students in the school youth program left to join her new gym. Now she is considering a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Losing one’s job for an unjust reason can be devastating, especially if the person enjoyed his or her job or took care to avoid doing anything wrong. Those who believe they have been wrongfully terminated or discriminated against are entitled to pursue action.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Fmr. Farmington Coach May Sue For Wrongful Termination,” David McCoy, Oct. 16, 2014



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