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Ex-employee claims her rights were violated

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2014 | Employee Rights |

Every year, far too many employees suffer because of workplace discrimination, wrongful termination and other violations of their rights. From Chaska to Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota, it is imperative for workers who are going through this firsthand to stand up for their rights. There are many ways employers continue to let their workers down, including failure to pay benefits and requiring workers to put in unpaid overtime. However, when employee rights are violated, those responsible have to be held accountable for their behavior.

An Indiana woman recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer and claims that she was fired because of her pregnancy. According to the lawsuit, the 26-year-old woman experienced problems at work after informing her supervisor of her pregnancy before being let go. She reportedly had to deal with harassment from her supervisor and was also bullied by a fellow employee as well.

Furthermore, she claims she was told to perform the same tasks as other employees even though her physician imposed a pregnancy-related restriction on lifting more than 30 pounds. The woman also says that she was disciplined for frequenting the bathroom too often and that her doctor diagnosed her with depression and anxiety because of the situation.

For some employees who have had their rights violated, moving forward can be difficult. Whether they are worried about retaliation and don’t want to lose their job or simply struggle with telling others about what they have experienced, too many people remain quiet. However, some people benefit from talking about what happened with an attorney and taking legal action.

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