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Woman sues former employer for sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2014 | Sexual Harassment |

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to hear about sexual harassment occurring in the workplace. In 2011 alone, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Fair Employment Practices received more than 11,000 charges filed against employers. Of course, this doesn’t include the 70 percent of workers who say they have experienced sexual harassment but have not reported it.

A former Urban Outfitters employee claims she was the subject of sexual harassment while she worked for the company at a New York City location. She said that just a couple months after she started working in the store, a customer sexually harassed her. Although security guards threw the man out of the store, they would not call to report the incident to authorities.

The woman also said security officers told her that a man with a video camera had been following her and filming up her skirt as she went up the stairs. Guards forced the man to erase the video, but again refused to call law enforcement.

When she complained to management about the incidents, she felt that she was retaliated against when she was assigned to the stock room. In addition, a security guard started to pat her down at the end of her shift, something that none of the other employees were subjected too. She eventually quit her job.

The woman filed a lawsuit against her former employer for mishandling her sexual assault and sexual harassment complaints.  Hopefully her suit will enable her to receive the compensation she deserves.

Source: Think Progress, “Former Urban Outfitters Employee Accuses Store Of Ignoring Sexual Harassment From Customers,” Bryce Covert, Aug. 13, 2014



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