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Navy captain center of sexual harassment investigation

On Behalf of | May 15, 2014 | Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment in the workplace in Chaska, Minnesota can take many forms, and is not just limited to inappropriate physical touch. It can also include someone asking for sexual favors, inappropriate sexual verbal communications, or any other harassment that is due to a person’s sex. Employees also have the right to have a work environment that is free from sexually explicit material.

A captain in the Navy is in trouble after a former member complained that the captain was accepting of behaviors that constituted sexual harassment and encouraging a work environment that was hostile. The former member of the Blue Angels who complained said that images that were pornographic in nature were allowed to be on display in the workplace and even sent via e-mail and other communications. The complaint also contained details of sexually explicit speech and jokes regarding sexual orientation. In some cases, these inappropriate comments and jokes were actually encouraged by the captain.

The captain was removed from command while the Navy investigates the complaint. He is just one of the most recent officers to be released from his position during an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment. There have been 151 sailors removed recently by the Navy. These sailors each worked in a position of trust and appear to have abused their power.

Those sailors who were subjected to sexual harassment may wish to consult with an attorney experienced in employment law to discuss their case. A lawyer can help them determine if they have a right to compensation for their damages.

Source: The Wire, “Navy Allegedly Fails at Maintaining a Sexual-Harassment-Free Workplace, Email,” Sara Morrison, April 23, 2014



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