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Man awarded over $550,000 in sexual harassment suit

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2014 | Sexual Harassment |

When you think about sexual harassment in the workplace in Chaska, Minnesota, you probably think about women being the victims. While this is certainly often the case, there are also instances where men are the targets for sexual harassment from their female coworkers and bosses.

This was the case for a deputy constable in Texas. The man said the female constable would force herself on him on numerous occasions. His attorney said the woman used her position as constable to intimidate her coworkers and had a reputation for inappropriate jokes and placing employees’ heads under her shirt.

The former deputy constable resigned from his position in 2011 after an investigation began that looked into his attempt to record the harassment on video to use as evidence. He was not charged and is presently employed at another police department.

The man filed a sexual harassment lawsuit where his lawyer told jurors that just because the constable was a woman, it did not excuse her behavior toward the man. The lawyer who represented the county claimed the man filed the lawsuit because a coworker received a promotion that he wanted. He also alleged that the man was a willing participant. The jury apparently disagreed, because they recently awarded the man over $550,000 in damages, back pay and attorney’s fees.

Whether you are a male or female, you do not have to put up with sexual harassment in the workplace. You may benefit from speaking with an attorney experienced in employment law to discuss your case.

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