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Woman claims pregnancy discrimination in lawsuit against city

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination |

Pregnancy is generally a time of great joy in Chaska as preparations are made to receive a new life into the world. When the expecting mother is employed by a company, employment law recognizes that the mother will need time after the birth to heal. As such, mothers are generally given a certain number of weeks off but a recent lawsuit brings up the issue of accommodation for a woman by her employer up to her pregnancy leave.

A woman is claiming she is the victim of pregnancy discrimination in a lawsuit filed against an Iowa city. According to the Iowa Code, the definition of temporary disability includes the condition of pregnancy. However, the woman, who was a firefighter, claims that the city did not grant her request for light work in light of her condition.

The city argues that only employees who are injured in the workplace are eligible and points out that the woman had previously turned down light work when she was injured in her job. As a result of the alleged workplace discrimination, the woman says she had to leave her job earlier than planned before the birth and that her doctor says she could have stayed longer is her request had been granted. The decision of the court in the matter could have a big effect on other employed women in the state.

When an employee feels that their civil rights have been violated and that they are a victim of discrimination, they have legal recourses available to them. Speaking with an attorney can help them understand what type of affirmative action they should take in seeking compensation for their suffering.

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