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Former employee sues Hasbro for workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination |

The Minnesota Human Rights Act protects citizens from unfair or discriminatory treatment in a variety of situations including work, education, business and public services. When discrimination occurs because of a person’s race, gender, age or other personal characteristics, it is considered illegal.

A woman is suing her former employer, saying that she was the subject of workplace discrimination because of her gender and sexual orientation. She was fired last year from her job as a supervising artist at Hasbro.

In her lawsuit, the woman says she was not promoted because of her gender and or sexual orientation and endured discrimination and retaliation when she exercised her rights under the Rhode Island Fair Employment Practices Act. She said that she tried to ensure that the company was complying with workplace policies and laws governing workplace discrimination, but that she was retaliated against for her efforts.

The woman worked for the company for 14 years during which she advocated for women’s rights in the workplace. She would often complain that she believed Hasbro did not provide equal treatment and respect for their female employees.

Hasbro said the woman was fired because of a violation of the employer’s code of conduct when she participated in a comment that was sexually inappropriate. She denies the allegation and has even been awarded full unemployment benefits by the state who determined that her firing was unwarranted.

If you have been the subject of workplace discrimination, you would be well advised to speak with an attorney experienced in employment law.

Source: Providence Journal, “Former employee sues Hasbro, alleging discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation,” Katie Mulvaney, Jan. 24, 2014



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