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Former Waseca director faces allegations of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2013 | Sexual Harassment |

The workplace should be an environment that is safe but sometimes an employee becomes the victim of another employee who is behaving in ways that are illegal. These behaviors can include offensive sexual comments, inappropriate touching, unwanted sexual advances and the possession of material that is sexually explicit. These kinds of actions are considered sexual harassment and it is important for employees who are victimized to report it.

Allegations of sexual harassment have been made against a man in Waseca County. The details of the sexual harassment are unknown but the man, who was the director of court services for the county, was fired as a result of an investigation. A letter issued by a county judge also mentioned other employee violations such as interfering with a person’s work performance, discrimination and creating a hostile work environment.

The letter mentions conduct involving county employees so it is appears that there was more than one victim. The letter does not state how long such behavior had been going on and it is unknown how long the man held the supervisory position. The investigation included a September meeting with the former director but it is unclear when the man’s behavior was brought to the attention of his employer.

Employers have a legal obligation to investigate any claims of sexual harassment made by one of their employees. Often employees face additional problems when they report the harassment, being subjected to reduced hours, the worst working hours and even getting fired. However, harassment victims have legal rights and it may be beneficial for them to speak with an experienced attorney.

Source: The Free Press, “Waseca court director fired,” Tim Krohn, Dec. 6, 2013.



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