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October 2016 Archives

Remaining within the law when firing an employee

Minnesota is an at-will employment state, but that does not mean that employers do not have to follow certain procedures to ensure that any termination is handled legally. Prior to firing an employee, it is important for employers to know and follow any state or federal laws to ensure that the employee retains his or her rights, according to the Small Business Association.

What is considered age discrimination?

There are several personal characteristics, including age, that your employer in Minnesota should not consider when making workplace decisions. You might feel unclear as to what actually constitutes age discrimination, especially as the regulations are not as comprehensive as some of the other factors protected by discrimination laws.

Steps employers should take after a sexual harassment complaint

Any allegations of sexual harassment in Minnesota need to be taken seriously. There are a few key steps that should take after receiving a sexual harassment complaint against an employee, whether from another employee, client, customer or some other person associated with the company.