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August 2016 Archives

New rules regarding salaried workers' overtime pay

There are many national and state laws in place protecting the rights of workers, including overtime pay. Although overtime is often considered more with hourly employees than salaried, some salaried employees in Minnesota are also eligible to receive overtime pay. According to the ABC News, a new federal law going into effect on December 1, 2016, changes the Fair Labor Standards Act and alters the overtime pay due to salaried workers.

What are the laws surrounding termination in Minnesota?

Minnesota is a state that has "at will" employment. Although this means that your employer can fire you without notice, and you can leave without notice, there are still some important laws imparting rights to you as a terminated employee. 

Understanding religious discrimination in the workplace

Religion is one of the areas covered under Title VII, which prohibits discrimination in the workplace in Minnesota. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, workplace discrimination involving religion does not just concern someone who practices a certain religion. It also covers the rights of people who have a relationship with someone of a religious faith or are a spouse of someone in a religion. Additionally, people are also protected if their moral beliefs or ethics are under harassment. 

Work and sexual harassment: How should you handle it?

Sexual harassment remains a common workplace problem, despite the efforts being taken to eliminate it in Minnesota and elsewhere. According to Forbes, less than 30 percent of the women who reported in a survey that they had experienced sexual harassment at work actually did something about it. If you experience anything that you feel is considered sexual harassment, you do have recourse you can take.