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What is defamation and how can you defend against it?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2015 | Employment Disputes |

Unfortunately, there are some poor situations in any workplace that people end up facing. The potential of rumors being spread is one thing, but sometimes rumors can tread into the territory of defamation instead.

Dealing with defamation against personal character in the workplace can be more than just an extra source of stress. As Cornell University states, defamation against someone’s character can take the form of either libel or slander, meaning it can either be written or spoken. In order for something to be considered defamation, the statement issued must damage the reputation or tarnish the character of the person that the statement is directed at. The statement must also be false in order for it to be considered defamation.

A defamatory statement can result in someone losing respect in the workplace, or being harassed further for the topic that the defamatory statement centers around. It is even possible for some people to face the threat of losing their job because of defamatory statements. Because of this, it is possible for anyone who is facing character defamation to take their case to court, or to be able to threaten taking it to court for damages. An employer cannot fire an employee for a statement that is proven to be defamatory either, which is something for anyone facing defamation to keep in mind, especially if they feel as though their job is threatened.

Dealing with defamatory statements can be complex and tricky. However, nipping the situation in the bud early will allow for it to be taken care of before festering.



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