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City worker claims retaliation by superiors for reporting assault

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2013 | Employment Disputes |

Although employment law, both at the federal and the state levels, protects employees in Chaska, and elsewhere, from being mistreated by employers, it is not always easy for a worker to speak up when their rights have been violated. Speaking up is, unfortunately, no guarantee that any action will be taken and, in some cases, filing a complaint may only worsen the situation.

One city worker in New Jersey reportedly claims that he has been the victim of retaliation by superiors within the city of Paterson’s public works department. According to reports, the man claims that in November of 2011, a supervisor reached into his pants and grabbed his genitals. This was after the same supervisor had kissed him on the forehead and made a number of inappropriate remarks. The employee purportedly reported the alleged crime to the authorities, as well as making a complaint to the director of the public works department. It was not reported whether or not law enforcement investigated his claims, but, according to the worker, the supervisor did not face any consequences within the department as a result of the complaints.

According to reports, the employee has filed a lawsuit against the department, the supervisor who he alleges committed the assault and the director of the public works department. It was not reported what he is seeking in his lawsuit. Often civil lawsuits of this type will seek financial compensation for damages, including mental anguish, among other things.

Regardless of the type of employment dispute, anyone who feels his or her employee rights have been violated may find it of benefit to consult with an attorney to consider taking legal action. An attorney can explain the options and help determine how best to proceed in each individual situation.

Source: Paterson Press, “Paterson public works employee sues claiming sex harassment, retaliation,” Joe Malinconico, Nov. 20, 2013



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