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Does your employer have to tell you why you were fired?

Being fired from your job in Minneapolis can be a devastating blow, particularly if you believe that your termination was not justified. Very rarely are people fired without a reason. However, oftentimes employers may be unclear as to exactly what that reason may be. If you left the meeting in which you were determined feeling that way, then you justly question what motivated your employer's actions. Given that Minnesota is an "at-will" employment state, many may believe that it is OK for a company to fire you without providing any reason at all. However, that is not the case.

Can your employer suddenly modify the nature of your employment?

Like most in Minneapolis, if asked about your working relationship with your employer, you may likely respond that it is a good one. If nothing else, you at least know that your role with your company is well-defined, right? Have you ever wondered exactly how your employer views your connection, and whether or not its views coincide with yours? Many often believe the nature of their employment to be one way, only to discover later (typically through being fired or laid off) that it was not so.

Your employment protections following a positive drug test

Many employers in Minneapolis may, as a way to protect themselves from the potential of liability issues, require that you and your coworkers undergo random drug testing. While that may be their right to do so, we here at Neaton and Puklich PLLP would remind you that your rights also need to be considered in such a situation, as well. While drug testing technology has advanced in recent years, there are still many factors outside of your control that can influence a test result. If, by chance, your drug test comes back positive, you may want to know what employment protections you have while challenging such a result.

Remaining within the law when firing an employee

Minnesota is an at-will employment state, but that does not mean that employers do not have to follow certain procedures to ensure that any termination is handled legally. Prior to firing an employee, it is important for employers to know and follow any state or federal laws to ensure that the employee retains his or her rights, according to the Small Business Association.

Wrongful termination involving national origin discrimination

In Minnesota, an employer does not have to have a reason to fire someone because it is an "at will" state. However, there remain some factors for which an employer cannot fire someone; otherwise, it is considered wrongful termination.

What are the laws surrounding termination in Minnesota?

Minnesota is a state that has "at will" employment. Although this means that your employer can fire you without notice, and you can leave without notice, there are still some important laws imparting rights to you as a terminated employee. 

Disability and wrongful termination: What you need to know

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects against employment discrimination due to a disability. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, this includes job discrimination. As long as a person is qualified for the job and can perform it with reasonable accommodation, then it is illegal to fire a person solely based on the disability. 

Executives file wrongful termination suits

Minnesota residents who apply for and accept jobs should be able to trust that they will be treated properly by their employers. This includes knowing that their civil rights will be fully protected and that their efforts will be appropriately recognized and rewarded. However, there are some times when disputes arise and owners or others at companies fail to do this. Even with at-will employment laws, there can be illegal reasons for firing employees.

Can you be “let go” from your job if you are pregnant?

Like many pregnant women in Minnesota, you probably hold a job. This can be challenging as you try to adjust to the physical effects of pregnancy while still performing your duties. You may be having problems with back pain, nausea or vomiting. At Neaton & Puklich PLLP, we are often approached by women in your situation who ask if they can be let go from their job due to their pregnancy status.

Are you the victim of age discrimination in Minnesota?

Financial difficulties have prompted many people to push retirement back by a few years in order to add to savings and prolong the moment when they become dependent on a fixed income. If you are currently in this situation in Minnesota, finding yourself without a job before you are ready could have devastating consequences. State laws do provide some protection against age-related discrimination, though, and evaluating these can be helpful in determining whether you are the victim of wrongful termination.