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Examining the factors used to determine just compensation

Here at Neaton and Puklich, PLLP, we've worked with several property owners in Minneapolis dealing with eminent domain cases. If it is discovered that whatever public authority that is trying to secure their property is operating within the confines of the law, they inevitability then want to know if they are being compensated fairly. If you are facing the loss of your land due to a pending public project, then you also likely will want to know that you are being paid all that you are entitled to.

Examining eminent domain laws in Minnesota

Many in Minneapolis may be concerned of government interference in their lives. Chief among their concerns may be that their property will be seized and that they will be left with little legal recourse to stop it. Eminent domain refers to the authority officials have to seize land to be put to public use. However, those worried that this legal principle empowers their local governments to come in and take their homes and the accompanying land from them should know that Minnesota does have laws on the books that regulate its use.