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Waitresses – and waiters – often experience sexual harassment

Your serving job can be fast-paced, social and fun, and the tips can help you make ends meet while you go to school or work your way up through the industry. However, as you might already understand, you and other Minnesota employees who work in the food service industry may be prime targets of unwanted sexual advances and other such behaviors.

Is your MN employer retaliating against your medical leave?

Getting time off work can be a struggle, especially if you work in an hourly wage job or a service job with shift work. The struggle to get time off becomes even more complicated when you suffer an injury that requires more than just a day or two away from your job.

4 examples of employer retaliation

It is against the law for your employer to punish you for complaining about discrimination, reporting harassment, filing a workers' compensation claim or blowing the whistle on illegal activity. However, you may not exactly know what illegal retaliation looks like. 

Types of workplace discrimination in Minnesota

There are various types of harassment and workplace discrimination that are illegal under Minnesota law. If you believe you have experienced workplace harassment or discrimination at your place of employment in Minnesota, it can be helpful for you to explore the types of discrimination that are unlawful in the state.

Can you sue for discrimination during a job interview?

Many people do not like going to job interviews. They are anxiety-inducing in the best of situations, and then there follows what seems like an inordinately long period as you wait to hear back about whether you got the job. In the meanwhile, you may be obsessing over that question you answered wrong or what some other question really meant.

3 warning signs of sexual harassment in your workplace

When you get to your place of employment each day, you simply want to complete your tasks. However, sometimes there are people at work who make this difficult. Maybe a coworker constantly flirts with you, touches you or has conversations that make you uncomfortable. What might start off as seemingly harmless flirting or banter could very well be sexual harassment.

Common forms of pregnancy discrimination

As an American employee, you have certain protections in the workplace, and one of those protections involves your right to a work environment that is free from unlawful employment discrimination. Workplace discrimination can take on many forms, and one of the more common forms is pregnancy discrimination.